How can I earn extra badges?

Finished all the requirements for your age group? Want to keep going?

Why not earn some extra badges! For each of the badges below, perform one of the activities for your age group. When you finish the activity, enter the achievement code written under the badge icon (READ, SING, WRITE, TALK, PLAY ) into the Achievement section of your account dashboard.

Early Learning (0-4 years)

  • Check out a book at the library

  • Help your child turn the pages

  • Point to pictures and say what they are

  • Sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"

  • Make up a song about something you are doing - diaper changer, bath time, cleaning up

  • Clap to the rhythm of your favorite song!

  • Spell out name with blocks

  • Play with playdough for fine motor skills

  • Make a grocery list together

  • Talk about the weather today

  • Point out the fruits and vegetables at the grocery store and describe them

  • Look at family photos together and tell your child family stories

  • Visit Family Place toy area at Southeast Branch

  • When you are cooking dinner, let your child play with pots and pans

  • Play Hide N' Seek

  • Play with blocks

Children (5-12 years)

  • Close your eyes and pick a book to read from the library

  • Ask library staff for their favorite children's book

  • Read a book out loud together with your family

  • Sing your favorite song

  • Have your own Lip Sync Battle

  • Carpool karaoke

  • Write a note to a pen pal or family member

  • Write a story with you as the main character

  • Write a book review>

  • Interview your local librarian

  • Tell a story to each other or play a storytelling game

  • Ask an adult about they were your age

  • Build a fort

  • Play with your pet

  • Visit a park

  • Make something with recyclable materials

  • Go to an Imagination Playground program

Teens (13-18 years)

  • Read a biography

  • Read a non-fiction book

  • Reread a favorite book

  • Close your eyes and blindly pick a book to read from the shelf

  • Go to an outdoor concert (check out Music Under the Stars at the Levitt)

  • Have your own Lip Sync Battle

  • Carpool karaoke

  • Sing a song from before you were born

  • Write fan fiction about your favorite book or show

  • Start a bullet journal/happy planner

  • Write a song

  • Create your own computer program code

  • Write a book review

  • Buy lunch for someone in your family and talk

  • Record a conversation with your grandparents

  • Ask library staff for a book recommendation

  • Play a board game

  • Take a funny picture with your APL Dream shirt and tag us!

  • Bike the trails

  • Participate in an APL program

  • Volunteer

  • Learn an instrument

  • Check out a cookbook and bake something

Adults (19+)

  • Read a story about someone different than you

  • Read something from a genre that you don't usually read

  • Come to a summer book club

  • Sing in the car or shower

  • Make your own music video or lip sync video

  • Go to a karaoke place with friends

  • Record a silly song you sing to your kids

  • Get inspiration from ArlingCon

  • Start a bullet journal/happy planner

  • Write a nice note to someone

  • Write a 2-3 paragraph micro-memoir" about a childhood memory

  • Call your parents!

  • Tell a friend about the library

  • Tell a joke

  • Come to a summer book club

  • Attend Record Your Story program (June 21)

  • Take a walk

  • Teach someone a magic trick, card game, or joke

  • Go swimming

  • Do a puzzle at Puzzle Palooza program

  • Play a board game

  • Go to Late Night at the library

  • Enjoy a yoga or Zumba class

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